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Family and guests arrive at the Livonia Bakery’s Café at the scheduled time.

As kids arrive, they will be assisted with putting on a work apron and a baking cap.

Upon everyone’s arrival, there will be a short welcome reception and the party leader informs the kids of what they will be doing.

After washing their hands, the we can capture a quick group photo, we will then head to the bakery/kitchen, where the kids get a brief overview of the bakery equipment on hand and an explanation of how our pizza dough is made.

Now let’s get to work ! The kids will stand side-by-side at the kitchen work bench where they will get to dress their own personal pizza. The kids will add sauce, cheese and other toppings of choice.

When all of the pizzas have been completed, they will each be labeled with their names and placed in the oven to bake.

The kids will then go to the cafe to decorate their personal cakes, while the pizzas bake. Each child will get a personal size cake and a decorating station with a variety of fun decorations. They will then get to decorate the cake to their liking (with the assistance of our staff and a few parents).

After all kids have decorated their cakes:
A. If another dessert has been ordered, all of the cakes will be boxed and labeled with their names for them to take home.
B. If the mini cakes will be the dessert, they will be temporarily set on a rack.

The meal will be pizza & drinks. Personal pizzas, water, lemonade (soda pop on request). Also, any pizza, salad, etc. for the adults (if ordered).

If it’s a birthday party, at this time gifts will be opened. Following the opening of the gifts, we sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girl or boy. The children will then enjoy their dessert !

Cost: Bakery Experience Birthday Party or Field Trip – both Pizza & Cake making experience.
Max 2 hour event.
Cost: $16.50 per child, includes childrens’ pizza making, cake decorating, eating pizza and drinks.

Minimum 10 children requirement. Recommended ages: 4 -11
Note: Minimum deposit required at time of reservation. Balance due at the end of the event.


Kids' Bakery Experience

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